Wild Skipjack Tuna Steaks 142g (order in singles or 12 for trade outer)
£2.90 GBP
Wild pole-caught skipjack tuna is light in colour with big tuna flavour. Wild Planet pole and line skipjack is perfect for tuna salad, tuna pasta...
Yoghurt Coated Rice Cakes 50g (order in multiples of 3 or 12 for trade outer)
£1.04 GBP
3 yoghurt rice cakes made from the perfect balance of wholegrain and white rice for a light crisp crunch, coated with top quality yoghurt. Gluten...
Zint, Premium Organic, White Quinoa, De-Saponized Whole Grain, 16 oz (454 g)
£20.15 GBP
Super Ingredients Made Simple 100% Pure Quinoa Complete Vegan Protein Source Packed with Fiber Supports a Healthy Metabolism Vegan Kosher USDA Organic Gluten-Free Non GMO...
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