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Salmon Fish Pie Stage 2 130g (order 7 for trade outer)
£2.02 GBP
Salmon and cod are perfect partners in this creamy, fish dish. Peas and leeks adds a delicious fresh vegetable taste and our signature hint of...
Spring Greens Pear & Apple with Mint 100g (order 5 for trade outer)
£1.42 GBP
This smooth puree is a delicious combination of fresh ingredients packed full of greens. Spinach, juicy apple, courgette, peas, as well as pear with a...
Spring Vegetables & Chicken with Rice and Tarragon 130g (order 7 for trade outer)
£2.03 GBP
This stage two textured blend of organic vegetables such as butternut squash and parsnips combine perfectly with organic chicken, rice and tarragon to create a...
Sweet Potato & Beef Ragu with Thyme 130g (order 7 for trade outer)
£2.03 GBP
A real winter warmer, this sweet potato and beef ragu combines a classic tomato ragu with the honeyed notes of sweet potato and little pieces...
Sweet Potato, Beetroot, Pear & Apple 100g (order 5 for trade outer)
£1.42 GBP
This irresistibly smooth puree captures the perfect balance between fruit and vegetables. Our sweet potato is blended with the juiciest apples & pears before adding...
Three Grain Vegetable Risotto with Basil Pesto 130g (order 7 for trade outer)
£2.03 GBP
This classic risotto combines sweet and juicy pumpkin, sweet potato and carrots with a smooth three grain blend of brown rice, quinoa and millet. A...
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