GEORGE FOREMAN Medium | Fit Grill | Flat Design
£43.10 GBP
George Foreman 25810 Medium Fit 7 Portion Grill - Drip Tray Floating Hinge Non-Stick Surface Make 7 portions at once Cord Storage Vertical Storage Adjustable...
GEORGE FOREMAN Family Grill | 5 Portion | Black
£33.70 GBP
The benefits of cooking with a George Foreman Grill are so many and varied that it’s little wonder it remains the world’s leading brand in...
GEORGE FOREMAN Large | Fit Grill | Big Portion
£63.85 GBP
George Foreman 25810 Large Fit Grill - Drip Tray Floating Hinge Non-Stick Surface Cord Storage Vertical Storage Adjustable Rear Foot
GEORGE FOREMAN Small  | 2 Portion | Fit Grill | Black
£24.10 GBP
The George Foreman fit grill - Make 5 portions at once Clever hinge opens wide for range of food to be used Grease-resistant Non-stick cooking...
GEORGE FOREMAN Entertaining Grill | 10 Port | DripTray | Blk
£63.05 GBP
The George Foreman 10 Portion Entertaining grill is ideal for larger families, entertaining your friends or even hosting an indoor BBQ. - Cooks up to...
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