WAHL Pik Hairdyer Attachment with Ring | PowerPik
£2.09 GBP
Wahl ZX471 Pik Attachement for Afro Hair Dryer - Ideal for drying volumous & Afro Caribbean hair types Designed for use with Wahl PowerPik &...
WAHL Mains Massager | Full Size | 2 Speed
£18.72 GBP
Wahl Full Size Body Massager - Attachments: Smooth Head Kneading Head Deep Head Flexible neck that conforms to all areas of the body 2 Speeds...
WAHL Hygienic Blade Ice Spray | 400ml
£7.78 GBP
WAHL Heat Resistant Pouch | Max 210 Deg | Pocket
£4.97 GBP
Wahl ZX497 Heat Resistant Storage Pouch Mat for Straighteners and Tongs - Heat resistant up to 200C Zipped pouch opens out into a mat, ideal...
WAHL Hygienic Clipper Spray 250ml
£5.18 GBP
Wahl ZX495 Hygienic Clipper Spray 250ml - Easy to use pump action 250ml bottle. Keeps clippers and trimmer blades clean and fresh. Help to resist...
WAHL Action Pro Vision Cord/Cordless Clipper
£17.14 GBP
WAHL Hair Clipper | Wahl 100 | Mains | Black
£11.45 GBP
WAHL Hair Clipper | Wahl 100 | Mains | Maroon
£11.45 GBP
WAHL Clipper Oil Bottle | 4Oz 113ml
£2.38 GBP
OMEGA Omega RHC-05 Rechargeable Hair Clipper
£8.57 GBP
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