Kuzu Root Starch Box 125g
£8.30 GBP
Kuzu is a superior quality organic starch that is naturally extracted from the roots of one of Japan's most vigorous wild plants. Kuzu has a...
Mu Tea- Oriental Herb Blend 40g
£5.60 GBP
Clearspring Organic Mu Tea is a delicious, aromatic blend of twelve oriental herbs and wild mountain roots, carefully prepared as an invigorating yet soothing caffeine...
Organic Japanese Umeboshi Plums 200g
£11.45 GBP
Clearspring Umeboshi pickled plums have remarkable medicinal qualities. Their powerful acidity has a paradoxical alkalinising effect on the body, neutralising fatigue, stimulating the digestion and...
Organic Atlantic Wild Dulse (order in singles or 5 for trade outer)
£6.35 GBP
Purple-red organic dulse is the most popular atlantic sea vegetable with its soft texture and naturally rich savoury umami flavour.
Org GF Green Pea & Quinoa Pasta 250g (order in singles or 8 for trade outer)
£3.70 GBP
Clearspring organic Gluten Free pasta is made from protein rich green split pea flour and white quinoa flour, simply mixed with a little water to...
Organic Soya Mince 300g (order in singles or 12 for trade outer)
£4.45 GBP
Clearspring Gluten Free Organic Soya Mince is a quick cook vegetarian protein which can be used in a multitude of recipes instead of meat. Soya...
Organic Rapeseed Oil 1000ml
£8.95 GBP
Organic Rapeseed Oil 1000ml
Org Japanese Soba Noodles 200g
£3.45 GBP
Clearspring Organic Soba Noodles are satisfying, versatile and quick to cook. Artisan family producers slowly air dry and mature these noodles to concentrate their flavour....
Panko Breadcrumb Mix 120g
£1.65 GBP
Panko Breadcrumb Mix 120g
Zero Noodles Original 200g (order 20 for trade outer)
£2.55 GBP
Zero Noodles are made from Konjac Glucomannan which is a natural soluble fibre produced by the Konjac Plant which is then mixed with water to...
Gluten and Dairy Free Egg Replacer 135g
£2.95 GBP
Free & Easy Gluten and Dairy Free Egg Replacer. use in cooking. suitable for vegans & vegetarians
20% OFF Organic Brown Rice Chips - 100% Wholegrain (order in multiples of 4 or 8 for trade outer)
£1.90 GBP
Clearspring's organic brown rice chips are exceptionally crispy, made only with wholegrain rice, sunflower oil and sea salt. High in fibre, low in saturated fat...
Organic Wasabi Powder - Small Tin 25g
£4.85 GBP
Organic wasabi powder - small tin
Organic Brown Rice Chips - Buckwheat & Chia (order in multiples of 4 or 8 for trade outer)
£1.90 GBP
Clearspring's organic brown rice chips are exceptionally crispy, expertly made with wholegrain rice, buckwheat and chia seeds. High in fibre, low in saturated fat and...
Organic Japanese Ume Su Seasoning 150ml
£3.35 GBP
Ume Su is a traditional Japanese seasoning, reported to date back to the Edo Period in the 1600s. It is growing in popularity around the...
Rice Cakes Black Sesame 150g (order 6 for trade outer)
£4.05 GBP
These unique and delicious wheat-free rice cakes are made by the Ono family in Japan using only the best natural ingredients. Free from MSG, artificial...
Organic Long Life Tofu 300g (order in singles or 12 for trade outer)
£2.55 GBP
The worlds first ambient organic Tofu. Made using Nigari it has the 'just made' taste of fresh Tofu
Demeter Organic Chickpeas 350g
£1.65 GBP
Chickpeas*, water, sea salt. *organically grown and from controlled bio-dynamic farming
Young Jackfruit Burgers 200g (order in singles or 12 for trade outer)
£3.20 GBP
Delicious handmade Jackfruit burgers blended with mild Indian spices!
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